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Health Care in New Jersey

What Are the Dangers of Taking Expired Medications?

Taking medications is an important part of one’s recovery from chronic and minor health conditions. However, individuals should continually check the expiration dates of their prescriptions. Otherwise, a change in its medical composition could endanger your health. Furthermore, expired medications … Continue reading

Helpful Tips on How to Manage Hypertension

Hypertension occurs when your blood pressure is higher than normal. Also called high blood pressure, its symptoms may include fatigue, blurry vision, heart palpitations, and shortness of breath. When left unmanaged, it increases the risk of heart and kidney disease. … Continue reading

How Temperature Fluctuations Affect Your Medications

If you’re one to check medication labels, you would often notice that most medications have indicated storage instructions. This is because storage and temperature can affect the efficacy of your Medication Supplies in Highland Park, New Jersey. If you’re curious to … Continue reading

Top Tips to Help Seniors Manage Their Medications

Medications are a vital part of senior healthcare. These medications need to be managed properly to be fully effective. As the leading drugstore in Highland Park, we specialize in proper medication management. Here are some of our expert tips on how the … Continue reading

Symptoms of Food Poisoning Helpful to Know

Food poisoning is a gastrointestinal illness that occurs when you eat contaminated food. This foodborne disease comes to be if you ate contaminated food or drank beverages past the date safe for consumption. Bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, and chemicals are … Continue reading

Defining Pharmacophobia and Trypanophobia

This world is full of fear and uncertainties. There are things we cannot explain, like why people are too afraid of something despite these things being beneficial for themselves. Phobias— whether we like it or not, believe it or not, … Continue reading