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Health Care in New Jersey

The Struggle of Having Your Prescriptions Refilled on Time

Medication compliance is important to improve the health condition of an individual suffering from a mild or chronic illness. However, they may forget to refill their prescriptions due to memory problems or simultaneous taking of two to three medications a … Continue reading

Is Ordering Medicine Online Safe for Your Family?

In the age of digitalization, more and more services have been made available online — this includes ordering medications. But is ordering medicine online safe for your family? Furthermore, how can you guarantee that the store you’re buying form is … Continue reading

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Drug Interactions With Food and Other Substances

The medications doctors prescribe are safe, tested, and proven effective. It is just that when combined with other substances, they create a side effect. There are foods, beverages, and medicines that you buy from a regular or Compounding Pharmacy that … Continue reading

We’ll Be There to Improve Your Overall Health

Your health should always be made a top priority. Some may choose exercise or a healthy diet, but when some people get limited with the amount of activity they can do, they need the help of trusted professionals. With most … Continue reading

Tips for Checking Patients With High-Risk of Diabetes

Remind yourself that you can control the sickness you can get. It is also important to know a compounding pharmacy in Highland Park, New Jersey. You get help from them in checking your blood pressure or sugar level. The only … Continue reading

Looking Out for Your Liver Health

As we celebrate National Liver Awareness for the whole month of October, Unite Pharmacy puts a light on the importance of the organ and ways on how we can all look out for our liver health. Our livers function to … Continue reading

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