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Motion Sickness: Do Not Let It Ruin Your Trip


Do you experience dizziness, nausea, and vomiting whenever you ride a car or bus? You are not alone. Although not all, many people, young and old, also experience motion sickness whenever they travel via car, plane, or even boat. Yes, motion sickness is the same as sea sickness!

When you are experiencing motion sickness, you usually start with having an uncomfortable feeling, and you start to have cold sweats. Then your world starts to spin and, the next thing you know, you are already struggling not to vomit.

Sometimes, the stressful symptoms of motion sickness cease when the vehicle you are riding stops moving. However, there are cases when you may suffer the symptoms for a few hours or even a few days!

Our healthcare experts do not recommend reading or texting while you are riding a moving vehicle. It may be nice to do something to pass the time, but you may want to choose a different activity like listening to music, eating snacks, or conversing with the person sitting next to you.

When you are riding a car or bus, it may help prevent or combat your motion sickness if you look out of the window and watch the horizon towards in the direction of your trip. You may also try chewing on a piece of gum. However, if none of these help, make sure that you take medications for motion sickness one to two hours before you begin the trip.

You can purchase motion sickness medication from your local pharmacy in New Jersey. It is best to carry a pack of them with you every time you travel.

We also have motion sickness medications specifically created for children who experience the dizzying symptoms. If you wish to purchase them, you can visit our drugstore pharmacy in Highland Park, New Jersey.

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