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Low Iron Levels Can Result in Anemia

Low Iron Levels Can Result in Anemia

Iron deficiency is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies worldwide. When people have low iron levels in their body, there is a disruption of their immune system. They eventually experience anemia.

You associate anemia with low iron levels. Without iron, the hemoglobin in your body’s red blood cells may decrease. Hemoglobin is a protein that piggybacks oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body. When there is not enough hemoglobin, you may experience fatigue, poor concentration, problems with digestion, and mood changes.

A few of the many causes of anemia may include the following:

  • Blood loss from blood donation
    Although donating your blood is a noble thing because it helps a lot of people who need it, we do not advise that you do it too frequently, especially if you are consistently low in iron.
  • Extended menstruation or heavy flows
    Studies have shown that women have a higher risk of becoming anemic than men because they menstruate, depleting their iron stores. For those women who have heavy flows or prolonged menstruation, it may help to see a doctor or ob-gyn.
  • Prolonged use of medication
    Some prescriptions that you buy from your local pharmacy in New Jersey can hinder the ability of your body to absorb iron. Some OTC drugs that you use too frequently can also result in gastrointestinal bleeding, eventually resulting in anemia. It is best to seek help from your doctor regarding these matters.

Eating whole foods that are rich in iron can help treat and prevent an iron deficiency that eventually leads to anemia, as per our healthcare experts. Choose to eat soybeans, spinach, red meat, oysters, and fish. These are some of the foods that have high sources of iron.

You also have the option to take iron supplements available in drugstore pharmacy in Highland Park, New Jersey. However, be certain to take only the recommended dose by your doctor.

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