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Living with Epilepsy: Seek Treatment

Living with Epilepsy: Seek Treatment

Epilepsy can affect anyone. When a person has the condition, they may suffer from sudden seizures or have periods of unusual experiences like aggression, confusion, loss of awareness, and sometimes hallucinations. Healthcare professionals believe it has something to do with an individual’s brain activity going awry.

When a person with epilepsy is having a seizure, it doesn’t only limit to them staring blankly into space for short or long periods. In worse case scenarios, it involves their arms and legs repeatedly twitching, causing them to fall due to the rapid movements and lack of balance. Sometimes, they may lose consciousness during or after the seizure episode.

Unfortunate accidents and even early death happen to a lot of people who experience a seizure episode during crucial times like driving a vehicle, swimming, or even bathing in a bathtub.

Doctors often prescribe some treatment with medications to help manage seizures for most people with epilepsy. While some people may outgrow seizures over time, others may require lifelong treatment for them to control it. It may depend on their brain activity.

People who experience a seizure don’t always mean they have epilepsy. However, if it happens to you for the first time, it’s imperative that you see a doctor immediately for medical advice. They may need to perform thorough examination and testing to determine whether you have epilepsy or other disorder. They may also prescribe medication that can be bought in a pharmacy in New Jersey.

If you need prescriptions to manage your seizures, you can purchase them from our drugstore pharmacy in Highland Park, New Jersey. It is essential that you bring your prescription paper so the pharmacist can assist you. Once they hand you your medication, please make sure to read the label. You can also ask the pharmacist or your doctor for additional guidance.

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