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Tag Archives: Medication

The Struggle of Having Your Prescriptions Refilled on Time

Medication compliance is important to improve the health condition of an individual suffering from a mild or chronic illness. However, they may forget to refill their prescriptions due to memory problems or simultaneous taking of two to three medications a … Continue reading

What’s the Harm in Self-diagnosis?

Self-diagnosis is when you diagnose yourself based on the symptoms or signs you have felt or observed. This is the most common threat in the healthcare community, and it can cause a lot of complications. One of the reasons people … Continue reading

Choosing and Being the Best!

In need of prescribed medicine for yourself or your loved ones? It is important to know where you are getting it. Here at Unite Pharmacy, we can be your trusted partner drugstore pharmacy in Highland, New Jersey. Here are some … Continue reading

Allergy No More!

Allergies are a common issue all year round. It is from a reaction when a foreign body affects our immune system. Symptoms may include sneezing, inflammation, skin irritations, and the like. It may be from food, dust, or insect, it … Continue reading

Living with Epilepsy: Seek Treatment

Epilepsy can affect anyone. When a person has the condition, they may suffer from sudden seizures or have periods of unusual experiences like aggression, confusion, loss of awareness, and sometimes hallucinations. Healthcare professionals believe it has something to do with … Continue reading