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How to Handle Drug Allergies Like a Professional


Similar to food allergies, allergic reactions to various medicines happen whether it’s non-prescriptive, prescriptive, or herbal medicines. Those who take a certain medication for the first time may develop symptoms 30 minutes to a few hours after taking it. Other times, it takes several days or weeks before allergy symptoms appear.

Drug allergies are not to be confused with side effects, drug toxicity, and drug interactions. An allergic reaction is triggered when our immune system mistakes the drug for a potentially harmful foreign substance like bacteria, parasites, and viruses.

Our bodies then produce antibodies to attack the drug which results in symptoms like rashes, hives, fever, and itching. If you suspect you or someone you know has allergies to a drug, consult your nearest healthcare provider to adjust the refill prescriptions.

A proper and accurate diagnosis is the first step in managing and treating any health condition, including allergies. The first step is consulting a general practitioner who will conduct a preliminary physical examination. For moderate to severe cases, they will refer you to an allergist or immunologist. Some of the additional tests that these specialists require are skin and blood tests. Once confirmed with a drug allergy and which drugs you are allergic to, one alternative is to have a customized allergen-free medication at a compounding pharmacy in New Jersey.

Apart from prevention, treatment strategies may involve either or both treating present allergy symptoms and taking allergy-causing drugs from a medical supply in Highland Park, New Jersey unless necessary or there’s no other option.

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