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Don’t Overlook Dry Eyes Syndrome


Dry eyes are fairly common in our society. It suggests that your eyes don’t allow enough tears to protect your eyes from irritants, like dust particles and dry air. It can cause your eyes to feel itchy or inflamed. At times, dry eyes can indeed be painful. When you look in the mirror, you will notice redness surrounding the surface of your eyes.

Some causes of dry eyes syndrome are as follows:

  • Aging. Aging can cause dry eyes syndrome. Having dry eyes is part of the natural aging process. More often than not, elderly experience dry eyes syndrome.
  • Hormonal imbalance. Post-menopausal women are at higher risk of dry eyes.
  • Drugs. Antihistamine and blood pressure medications can cause dry eyes.
  • Computer and mobile phone use. If you stare at the screen for hours, especially when you don’t blink often, it can result to dry eyes.

If you have the dry eyes syndrome, we encourage you to visit your doctor or a healthcare clinic to get an eye checkup. We don’t recommend ignoring the symptoms, such as itchiness, sore eyes, burning sensations, and blurred visions. If you leave these symptoms unchecked, it can cause inflammation to the surface of the eye, damaging it.

You can treat dry eyes syndrome with an anti-inflammatory drug or artificial tears recommended or prescribed by your doctor. They’re available at Unite Pharmacy, a pharmacy in New Jersey. Make sure to have self-awareness in connection to blinking, especially when you’re facing a computer screen or reading an article with your mobile phone.

We hope to see you in our drugstore pharmacy in Highland Park, New Jersey. Don’t forget to bring your prescription vouchers.

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