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What You Should Know About Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements


There are several reasons why people take a regular dose of vitamins or supplements. Most people may be prescribed by their doctors or just want to get extra nutrition from a vitamin. Being a Pharmacy in Highland Park, New Jersey, we collated some facts that you should know about vitamins and supplements:

  • Older adults are at higher risk of nutrient deficiency

    Seniors may have poor food intake caused by difficulty chewing and swallowing food, unpleasant taste changes, or loss of appetite. According to research, they also experience problems absorbing vitamin B12 from food. That’s why it is recommended that they take vitamin B12 pills.

  • Existing conditions can cause malabsorption of nutrients

    Surgeries involving the removal of digestive organs can also increase the risk of poor absorption of the body of several nutrients. Alcoholism also interferes with the body’s absorption of nutrients such as B vitamins and vitamin C. If you have existing health conditions, our Compounding Pharmacy also provides supplements that meet our client’s unique needs and conditions.

  • A healthy diet is always the best

    Remember, supplements are not replacements for your healthy diet. The main purpose of supplements and multivitamins is to fill in nutritional gaps in your diet. You can talk to our trusted pharmacists in our drugstore in Highland Park to help you make a good choice in your supplements.

The bottom line is to make sure to talk to your physician when deciding to take vitamins and nutrition supplements. You can get your supplements at Unite Pharmacy. As a provider of medication supplies in Highland Park, New Jersey, we offer quality drugs and prescription services to our valued customers. For inquiries, call us at 848-209-9007.

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