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Health Care in New Jersey

Feeling and Turning Blue Because of Flu

It is now the start of flu season in the country and some people might already have it. Influenza, or as most people call it flu, is a respiratory infection caused by viruses. The virus spreads from one person to … Continue reading

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Asthma Know and How’s

Asthma is a condition wherein your airways become blocked since there is inflammation because of certain triggers. It then causes a dry cough, wheezing, and/or shortness of breath. Since there is no known cure yet for asthma, proper prevention and … Continue reading

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Importance of Vaccinations

A vaccine is a biological preparation that is a resemblance of certain pathogens but of weaker form. It aids in helping the body recognize a certain pathogen as a threat. It plays an important part in healthcare since it has … Continue reading

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What’s the Harm in Self-diagnosis?

Self-diagnosis is when you diagnose yourself based on the symptoms or signs you have felt or observed. This is the most common threat in the healthcare community, and it can cause a lot of complications. One of the reasons people … Continue reading

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Choosing and Being the Best!

In need of prescribed medicine for yourself or your loved ones? It is important to know where you are getting it. Here at Unite Pharmacy, we can be your trusted partner drugstore pharmacy in Highland, New Jersey. Here are some … Continue reading

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Diabetes: Too Sweet for You!

Diabetes is a condition when your blood sugar is higher than normal. It is when your inulin is not sufficient to convert excess blood sugar or cells are not able to respond to the insulin of your body. Without proper … Continue reading

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