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Looking Out for Your Liver Health

Looking Out for Your Liver Health

As we celebrate National Liver Awareness for the whole month of October, Unite Pharmacy puts a light on the importance of the organ and ways on how we can all look out for our liver health. Our livers function to filter out the toxins in our body, and our compounding pharmacy in Highland Park, New Jersey aims to spread the awareness of failing to take care of our liver could lead to liver failure.

As our livers do its job every day, having it overworked from heavy drinking and an unhealthy diet can lead to liver problems. Moderate alcohol intake can help maintain your liver’s good health. Our pharmacy in New Jersey also highly encourages everyone to eat a healthy diet and maintain a healthy weight to prevent fat accumulation in the liver.

Infection can also reduce our livers’ functions. Viral liver diseases such as hepatitis A, B, and C should be prevented then as they can be transmitted by food and water contamination, blood, and body fluids. Vaccinations in such, along with keeping your food safe and clean and washing your hands regularly, can prevent the liver infection.

Taking your medication doses accordingly can also prevent you from liver problems. Pharmacists at our drugstore pharmacy in Highland Park, New Jersey are happy to help you care for your liver with wise medication usage of certain supplements and non-prescription medicines.

For more information about taking care of your liver’s health, visit our drugstore in Highland Park now.

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