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Drug Interactions With Food and Other Substances


The medications doctors prescribe are safe, tested, and proven effective. It is just that when combined with other substances, they create a side effect.

There are foods, beverages, and medicines that you buy from a regular or Compounding Pharmacy that may counter the potency of other drugs. And that is what we call drug interactions. Some of them may cause inefficiency, allergic reactions, or other issues. That is why it is too important to know these contraindications to avoid their harmful effects.

A perfect example is grapefruit juice and many drug types, including cholesterol-reducing drugs and medicines for high blood pressure. The juice alters the way the body processes the substances, increasing them to possibly toxic levels.

Another one is alcohol and insulin. Alcohol can prolong the effect of insulin that may cause dramatically low blood sugar. Meanwhile, taking sleeping pills and antihistamines together may make you feel very droopy – making you susceptible to accidents.

We suggest you ask your primary attendant so you can avoid potential harm. Try to research drug ingredients and the foods and substances that may alter their effectiveness and efficiency. Then, confirm it from your doctors or your trusted Pharmacy in Highland Park, New Jersey.

And lastly, if you have more than one Healthcare provider for different illnesses, inform them about the prescription drugs you take and ask if there will be any duplication or incompatibility. That way, you can be sure of the pills you are about to take.

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