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Controlling Your Asthma Symptoms and Learning When to Seek Help

Controlling Your Asthma Symptoms and Learning When to Seek Help

When you have asthma, you cannot cure the condition. Fortunately, you can still control the symptoms. Since asthma tends to change over time, it is essential that you team up with your doctor or a healthcare professional to track the signs and symptoms so that you can adjust your treatment.

For some people, asthma may be a nuisance. However, it can be a tremendous problem for you, especially when it starts to interfere with your daily activities or lead to a life-threatening situation.

Yes. When you have severe asthma attacks, your life can be at risk. You need to verify with your doctor to ascertain what to do when your symptoms get worse. When you experience rapid worsening of shortness of breath, or you do not respond to your inhaler, then you need to seek emergency treatment.

When you expose yourself to irritants such as dust or air pollution, you can trigger symptoms of asthma. As much as possible, always keep your house clean. Have the carpets vacuumed and house curtains washed regularly. Wear a face mask when you travel for work, especially when you live in a busy city.

Try to observe your food intakes and see if you have any allergic reactions to certain types of food. If you do, try to avoid them, including those that cause create acid reflux.

Try to avoid emotional distress as much as possible because it can also trigger an asthma attack. When you cannot find a workaround in handling stress and anxiety, seek professional help. If your doctor prescribes you to buy medicines from your pharmacy in New Jersey, make sure to comply.

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